Hello Black Veil Brides Army!

I am Alyaric, the administrator of this wiki.

I became an admin on August 15, 2015 and have made several major changes to the wiki since.

For instance, you may have noticed that there is now a background, logo, pages about recent BVB-related things, and a renovated home page! Most of the "mess" on this wiki has been cleaned up as well.

Now that I have done a lot here, I feel that it is time for the community to have a say on the changes that go on around here.

I have created this blog post for all of you to comment on what you think should be changed on this wiki.

It would be great if you commented on things that only I can change (such as the background, skin, navigation bar, etc.). This is because all of you have the ability to edit pages on this wiki without creating an account; simply click the Edit button on the top of the page near the page title!

Thank you and happy editing! :)

Alyaric (talk) Alyaric tag

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