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About Me

I am an admin making constant updates to the Black Veil Brides Wiki to ensure that it has accurate information along with a clean and organized design.

You Are All Important Here!

Remember when the wiki had a purple background, white main color, terrible navigation bar, home page with very little words, no pages about recent releases, lyrics listed with bullet points... okay I'll stop.

At time, there was no administrator present on the wiki to improve it. As a result, I applied to "adopt" the wiki through Fandom/Wikia and was able to become an administrator. I since added a darker theme, updated pages, created new ones, and overall made it into what you see today.

But the thing is, I cannot do this alone.

Which is exactly why anyone can edit this wiki!

If you ever feel that anything needs to be changed, go right ahead. I will refrain from editing it unless I truly feel a revision is necessary.

Happy editing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is your favorite Black Veil Brides member?

My favorite Black Veil Brides member is Jake Pitts!

Question: What is your favorite Black Veil Brides album?

My favorite album is currently Re-Stitch These Wounds!

Question: What is your favorite Black Veil Brides EP?

My favorite EP is The Night!

Question: How do I become an administrator?

In order to be considered to become an admin, you must be fairly active and have read the wiki's Styling Guide. Once these two requirements are met, please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Question: I have a question for you or about the wiki; how do I contact you?

I am always open to any questions from the BVB Army! If you have a question, you can write me a message by clicking on the 'Message Wall' tab right under my profile picture. I will try my best to answer as fast as possible. :)