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The Phantom Tomorrow is Black Veil Brides' sixth studio album, which was released on October 29, 2021. It is a concept record, just as Wretched and Divine and Vale were. A comic book is set to be released that will accompany the album.


When Black Veil Brides came back in November 2019 with new bassist Lonny Eagleton and the release of the EP The Night, the intention was to release two-song "duologies" for some time instead of full length records. Andy has stated that this was due to the duology format giving them the opportunity to bring songs out to the fanbase more consistently, as there would not be a year-long wait for a full record, as well as tour every 6 months or so with something new to the table.[1]

However, sitting at a kitchen table one day, Andy began coming up with drawings and ideas (e.g. characters, costumes, etc.) for a grand Wretched and Divine style concept album, which turned into the basis for creating a sixth full length album, specifically another concept record.[2]

Release and Promotion[]

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Commercial Reception[]

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Critical Reception[]

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Album Artwork[]

The album artwork depicts the Blackbird character, seen in the music videos for the record as well as the accompanying comic book.

Track Listing[]

1. The Phantom Tomorrow (Interlude)

2. Scarlet Cross

3. Born Again

4. BlackBird

5. Spectres (Interlude)

6. Torch

7. The Wicked One

8. Shadows Rise

9. Fields Of Bone

10. Crimson Skies

11. Kill The Hero

12. Fall Eternal


Erik Ron (Producer)

Andy Biersack (Vocals)

Lonny Eagleton (Bass Guitar)

Jake Pitts (Co-Producer, Lead Guitar)

Jinxx (Rhythm Guitar, Violin)

CC (Drums)