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The End is the first single by the duo Aelonia, composed of Jake Pitts and Inna Pitts.


It's time to say good bye
We've always been so blind to see
You gotta make me go away
You gotta close the door that is behind me

I always tried to reach for you
But it's my mistake
You tried to make me feel this way
You tried to make me dream in your own way


(Jake's: And i feel so...)

Trapped here stuck in a world of pain

(Jake's: I shouldn't feel this shame
I'm not the one to blame)

Don't tell want to do
Don't tell me what to say

(Jake's: running round in circles and I'm drowning in our sorrows)

See what you've done
It is the end

You know it got so hard
That is the reason we fell apart
You always tried to hold my heart
But that was wrong I felt so far from you

It's time for me to leave
It's time to go I cannot stay
You know I'm finally awake
It's never gonna be the same again

Bridge: Move on...

End: Never stop believing

Music Video[]


Aelonia - The End (Official Music Video)