Original BVB
Sex & Hollywood
is a bootleg Black Veil Brides's EP, released on August 25, 2007.

Track ListingEdit

  1. A Devil For Me
  2. Hello My Hate
  3. Sex & Hollywood


  • Andy Biersack (as Andy Six) (lead vocals, backing vocals)
  • Nate Shipp (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, backing vocals)
  • Kevin Harris (keyboards)
  • Mike Stamper (drums)
    • Mark Singleton (rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
    • Robert Thomas (bass)
      • Chris Stewart (lead guitar)
      • Jaymz Dorman (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
      • Zachy Heartless (drums)
      • Matt Smith (backing vocals)
  • denotes that member played in the Never Give In edition
    • denotes that member played in Knives and Pens
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