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Counting Stars is the second single by the duo Aelonia, composed of Jake Pitts and his wife Inna Pitts.


1) I’m tired of pointless counting of the stars above my head
It’s like the sea of life and death
But I don’t feel like I’m dead

I’m disappearing slowly, melting in your arms again
The sky is falling down on us
The darkness’s leaving our veins

It’s time to sleep, it’s time to fly
Through centuries and through the skies
Through light of sun and through the night

You might be tired of a pointless fight
Stop carrying burdens of the world
Just take a breathe and close your eyes

Let yourself feel free tonight

Rise higher
Through fire
This is our escape
We can levitate
Our souls are
In solace
Reaching for the light
We found our refuge
Let’s leave this world behind

2) Stop living by the rules,
There is no algorithm of life
There is no law how to survive
flow with the rhythm of time

Trust to the signs of nature
Let me help you ease your mind
Let our two worlds collide
Into the light that’s beaming so bright
Dimensions are crashing into one
We are so free in our ecstasy,
The abstraction of reality

We are just two energies entwined
Into one love, into one plight
Like ocean waves with a blue sky

We’re taking off to elevate

Music Video[]


AELONIA - Counting Stars (Official Music Video)