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Jake Pitts and wife Inna Pitts

Aelonia is an electronic pop metal duo composed of Black Veil Brides lead guitarist Jake Pitts (guitar, vocals) and his wife Cory Pitts (vocals), along with Márton Veress (drums). The duo is currently inactive as Jake and Cory are now producing music as Dr. Cool & Babe.


Aelonia began by covering numerous songs such as Crawling by Linkin Park, Periscope by Papa Roach, and Zombie by The Cranberries. Music videos for said songs were made available on YouTube via the duo's channel.

An EP is currently in the works. The songs The End, Counting Stars, and 4Ever Alive have been released as singles.

The full-length album title "We Are One' was revealed 3/27/2019 on Facebook after a fan poll.[1]

Aelonia released their first full length album We Are One on 4/19/2019.[2][3]

The music video for album song Crazy Ex was released 4/15/2019 via YOUNK Community Music Label YouTube channel.[4]

Band Members[]

  • Cory Pitts (lead vocals)
  • Jake Pitts (guitar, vocals)
  • Márton Veress (drums)


  • We Are One (Released April 19 2019)